All Saints Leighton Buzzard Preservation Trust

ON WE GO - there will always be something to do with an old building like ours.

< Terry Warburton, the Trust’s Appeal Director  - and until 15 May 2016, Chairman of the church’s Fabric Committee, has been immortalised in stone!

Unknown to him  a “gargoyle”  was  carved to go on the medieval chapel of the church, where it now lives, surveying all who enter the churchyard. The other gargoyles date from  the 15th century.

Terry was “astonished and speechless” after such a gesture. And very honoured.  

Stone copy

<< The churchyard wall is in need of urgent repair in places. A stop gap emergency repair will be undertaken shortly.  More expense!

A cement plinth was put around the church in the late 1800s in an attempt to reduce damp inside. It was crumbling and was repaired in April 2016  >>>>

After ^

Brewery in Leighton Buzzard makes a special pint to help the Trust

All  Saints Vicar, Canon Grant Fellows enjoys a pint whilst brewer Jon d’Est-Hoare hands over a cheque to Appeal Director Terry Warburton.

Leighton’s new brewery is brewing a special 4.6% “Restoration Ale” best bitter, and donating £1 from each cask sold, to the Trust.

It is on sale in various pubs around the town. Look out for it - and try it!


Collateral damage:

A consequence of the work during the past fifteen years has been the huge amount of dust and grit generated. This has affected the church’s Harrison and Harrison organ which is now malfunctioning. It will cost upwards of £50,000 to overhaul.

Work is scheduled for 2018 and the Trust is playing its part in finding funding.


New boilers were fitted in 2005 after the old boiler house was condemned. The convector blowers were not replaced and were reaching  the end of their lives.

New ones are now being installed